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2ARC Inc. - 2 Access Resources & Companies Inc.

Founded in 2012, 2 Access Resources & Companies Inc. provides affordable and professional business consulting services to private and public organizations.  

2ARC relies on the extensive operational knowledge and international experience of its principal consultants (who combine more than 50 years on the international scene) to deliver practical, affordable and flexible solutions to its clients to achieve their goal on time. Our processes allow 2ARC's clients to concentrate on issues that need to be addressed to develop, grow, and manage their business operations.

2ARC's  primary objective is to help small to medium sized organizations compete in an increasingly challenging world. We focus on our clients' needs to tailor practices that assure success.

Today, with technology and transport, small businesses must rethink their expansion policy. It is important for the development of most companies to think worldwide versus region wide or countrywide. Most people and companies are  “concerned” or “afraid” to go international. Nevertheless unknown territories may offer unsuspected opportunities for business development.

As well, 2ARC provides services to international companies wishing to develop operations in Canada. 2ARC works actively to attract these companies to our province.

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